Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my shirt after the race?
No you cannot pick-up your shirt after the race. We also do not mail out shirts before or after the race.

Is my t-shirt size guaranteed?
No, unfortunately due to the number of participants we cannot guarantee t-shirt sizes will be exactly as ordered.

Can I exchange my shirt size at kit pick up or on run day?
No, you cannot exchange your shirt at kit pickup or on run day. If you wish to change your shirt size, you may do so BEFORE Wednesday, April 15, 2020 in the Participant Dashboard

Where do I find my Registration Confirmation and/or Promotional Gift Card?
To search for your confirmation, please click here. If you do not see your registration confirmation email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder. Your email registration confirmation and your promotional gift card were emailed to you in two separate emails.

If you are looking specifically for your promotional gift card, you can log into the Participant Dashboard to retrieve your coupons.

When does my Promotional Gift Card expire?
Promotional Gift Card

Your Sporting Life Promotional Gift Card expires one month after the registration cut-off date as per the chart below.

For Example – if you registered on January 8, 2020, and the registration cut-off was January 15, 2020 then your Promotional Gift Card expires on February 15, 2020. Or, if you registered on January 30, 2020 and the registration cut-off was February 15, 2020 your Promotional Gift Card expires on March 15, 2020.

Please refer to the chart below for specific registration and promotional gift card expiry dates:

Registration DateRegistration Cost and Promotional Gift Card ValuePromotional Gift Card
Expiry Date
Until January 15, 2020$50+ HST includes a $35.00 Sporting Life Promotional Gift Card* and a souvenir running shirt. Expires February 15, 2020
Jan. 16 - Feb. 15, 2020$55+ HST includes a $30.00 Sporting Life Promotional Gift Card* and a souvenir running shirt. Expires March 15, 2020
Feb. 16 - Mar. 15, 2020$60+ HST includes a $25.00 Sporting Life Promotional Gift Card* and a souvenir running shirt. Expires April 15, 2020
Mar. 16 – Apr. 15, 2020$65+ HST includes a $20.00 Sporting Life Promotional Gift Card* and a souvenir running shirt. Expires May 15, 2020
Apr. 16 – Apr. 26, 2020$70+ HST includes a souvenir running shirt. No gift cards are available after April 15.No Promotional Gift Card
Apr. 27 – May 9, 2020Charity bibs are available for $250. You will receive a tax receipt after the run in the amount of $175 (less the $75 registration fee).No Promotional Gift Card

How do I create a team?
Teams have more fun! So, gather your friends, family and colleagues together for fun, friendship and fundraising for Camp Ooch!

Getting Started Is Easy!

  • Choose your team name.
  • Nominate a Team Captain.
  • The Team Captain registers for the race and creates the team during registration.
  • The Team Captain informs team members that the team has been created.
  • The Team members register for the race individually and join the team by selecting the team name from the drop down menu on the registration form.

Are there incentive prizes?
If you raise $300 online, the cost of the race registration is reimbursed to you.

Run For Free/Fundraise Online

Raise a minimum of $300 (the cost to send one child to Camp Ooch for one day) online by May 10, 2020 at 5 p.m. EST you are eligible to have your race registration reimbursed.*

  • * In order to qualify, the $300 total cannot include any personal donations made by you to your own personal fundraising page.
  • * The registration reimbursement does not include HST or processing fees.
  • * All reimbursements will be issued by September 30, 2020.

Opting out of your Reimbursement – sending more kids to Camp Ooch
Camp Ooch incurs the cost of your registration as our way of saying thank you for your commitment to raising critical funds for children with and affected by childhood cancer.

By opting out of receiving a refund, you will receive a gift-in-kind donation tax receipt and make a meaningful difference in the life of a child.

What is the charitable cause?
Camp Oochigeas, established in 1983, is a privately funded, volunteer based organization that provides kids with cancer and kids affected by childhood cancer with a unique opportunity for growth through challenging, fun, enriching and magical experiences. For the past 30 years, we have provided hope in a time where there feels like there can be none, self-esteem when kids are at their lowest and laughter, a seemingly impossible act during a child’s illness.

Ooch programs are provided to campers at absolutely no cost to their families. As a registered charity that receives no government funding, Camp ‘Ooch’ relies on the generosity of volunteers, donors and fundraising events, like the Sporting Life 10k, to ensure that every child diagnosed with cancer at SickKids Hospital has the opportunity to attend Ooch programs.

I made a donation to last year’s run. When will I get my charitable tax receipt?
If you requested a tax receipt at time of donation you would have received the receipt via email. If you didn’t request a tax receipt or can’t locate your tax receipt, please contact for support.

I just entered the run and added a donation to Camp Ooch. Where’s my charitable tax receipt?
Your tax receipt will be sent via email. It will be sent separate from your event confirmation. If you do not receive your tax receipt via email please contact for support.

Do you need volunteers? How can I sign up to volunteer?
Yes, we always need volunteers to help us make the event a success. Click here to sign up and we’ll be in touch with you soon after we receive your application.

Can I wear my headphones / iPod during the run?
Ideally not. You should enjoy the race atmosphere and environment. If you do wear them, please ensure that the volume is low enough to hear any instructions given to you by our course marshals and that you are aware of others around you.

What roads are closed, and for how long, on Run Day?
Due to the large scale of the event there will be several road closures on Sunday, May 10. Please allow additional travel time to reach your destination especially if you need to get across Yonge Street between Eglinton Ave. and Richmond St. and/or travel on Lakeshore Blvd.

Click here for road closure information on Yonge St. between Eglinton Ave. and Richmond St.

Click here for road closure information from Richmond St. West to Fort York Blvd.

What is the route like?
The route is primarily downhill with the final 2km (approx.) being flat.

Download Route Map

What is the course?

The Sporting Life 10k Start line is located at 2400 Yonge Street at Roselawn Avenue. This is four blocks south of the main Sporting Life store.

The run proceeds south down the iconic Yonge Street to Richmond Street.The route continues west on Richmond Street, through the entertainment district. The route continues south on Peter Street/Blue Jays Way to Front Street, west on Front Street to Bathurst Street, to Fort York Blvd and to the finish line.

After crossing the finish line, the fun continues at Coronation Park for the Post Run Party. It’s a time to celebrate what you have accomplished and the impact you have on the lives of kids affected by childhood cancer. Together we will raise over $2 million for Camp Ooch so that kids with cancer can just be kids.

Download Route Map

Is registration capped?
Yes, the race is capped at 23,000 participants in total.

Are there finisher medals?
Yes, everyone who finishes the race gets a medal.

Can anyone cross the finish line?
No, only registered participants wearing a race bib will be allowed to cross the finish line.

Can children participate?
All children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult due to the size of the run. Children must be a minimum of 8 years old to participate as a registered runner.

Children under 8 years of age can be a part of the event if they are in a stroller or in a baby jogger. Children in strollers are free, however, as they are not registered participants, they will not receive a: run shirt, bib or finisher medal.

Is there a time limit?
Yes, there is a time limit. All participants have 2 hours to complete the course – approx. a 12:00 min/km pace.

Are walkers allowed?
Yes, walkers are encouraged to participate. All walkers will start in the final wave, the Pink Corral, starting at 9:00am.

Can I run the race with a baby jogger/running stroller?
Yes, you can run with a baby jogger/running stroller. PLEASE NOTE: if you are planning to run with a baby jogger, please enter yourself in the 6th Wave (Orange Corral). If you are planning to walk the race with a stroller, please enter the 7th Wave (Pink Corral).

Are wheelchairs allowed?
Yes, athletes requiring the use of a wheelchair are welcome to participate.

  • If you are using a racing wheelchair with three wheels, please register yourself for the Wheelchair Wave that starts at 7:25am.
  • If you are using a four-wheeled chair, or a recreational wheelchair, please register yourself for the 7th Wave that starts at 9:00am.
  • The use of hand cranks, levers, motors or mechanical gears (e.g hand cycles) are not permitted. Please see the International Paralympic Committee’s Athletics Rules and Regulations for more details.
  • For safety reasons, it is recommended that all wheelchair athletes wear a helmet during the race.

Is the race 'chip' timed?
Yes, we use the MyLap bibtag timing system provided by Sportstats
What is included in the Entry Fee?
Souvenir running shirt
Exclusive Finisher medal
Personalized race bib (if you register before Wednesday, April 15)
Opportunity to run down Yonge St. in one of Canada’s largest events
Great post race celebration
Helping children living with cancer

What are the wave start times?
Based on estimated finish times

Completion timeWave #Start time
Under 45:00 min’sWave #17:30am
45:00-52:00 min’sWave #27:35am
53:00-55:00 min’sWave #37:50am
56:00-59:00 min’sWave #48:10am
1:00-1:04 hoursWave #58:30am
1:05-1:14 hoursWave #68:45am
1:15-2:00 hoursWave #79:00am
What time does the run start?
Run starts at 7:30am

What is the race distance and is it certified?
The distance of the race is 10k, and is certified by Athletics Canada #ON-2019-003-BDC

What are the elite athlete qualifying standards for the run?
To receive an elite athlete entry, our qualifying standards are:

Open — sub 33:00 minutes
Masters (40 years+) — sub 37:00 minutes

Open — sub 37:00 minutes
Masters (40 years+) — sub 40:00 minutes

Please email a copy of this applicable result, achieved within the past 12 months to: and we will respond accordingly.

If you have a question not listed in our above FAQ, click here to contact us.