Track & Upload your Virtual Results
How to use the Asics Runkeeper app to track and upload your Sporting Life Virtual 10k run results.

1.   On your mobile device, download or update the ASICS Runkeeper app

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play

2.   Remain on your mobile device and go to your Race Roster dashboard and sign in to your Race Roster account

3.   Click on the Connect to my App button for your registration

Asics Run Keeper connect to my app

4.   When the app opens you will be asked to confirm your name click the orange button to confirm and the 2021 Sporting Life Virtual 10k race will be added to your ASICS Runkeeper app under Your Events in the Explore tab.

Asics Runkeeper App Verify Contact

5.   Tag the flag symbol (bottom right) or the Explore tab to see your event

6.   Under Your Events click 2021 Sporting Life Virtual 10K

Asics Runkeeper App Events

7.   When you’re ready, click Track Race Now to start your race! *Be sure to track just beyond 10K so the system accepts your virtual race and posts to the Race Roster results page


8.   Once your results are posted, click your name in the results to view your finisher’s certificate!

Audio cues will be available for some encouragement throughout your walk/run!

If you’d like to post manually, head to the results page and click Submit a virtual result: 2021 Sporting Life Virtual 10K

If you are experiencing any troubles uploading your results please contact to assist you further